On 23th May 2020 I launched my first video in Youtube. After more than a decade since I had created my first blog, I decided to launch my channel in Youtube in order to keep learning by doing.

My first video in Youtube
Sometimes I think: why did I decide this intro?

After the excitation because of the release, the reality: nobody watched my videos. After Friends and Family, nobody reached my videos.

Views from my first video

A year later, the channel Course Google Ads and Data Studio Online has changed. Although it’s slow, the channel is growing month over month and I reached some milestones:

The idea of this blog is recording what I have done in order to improve my channel. This way, I can organize my experience and my growth will not be a mess anymore. At the same time you can learn about my experience and do better than me. I’ll try to write weekly but I can’t promise it!

Enjoy and comment!

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